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On Wed, 11 Feb 1998 23:53:56 -0700 Thane Morgan
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> Anyways, you may have already been through this and come to your own
> conclusion, or maybe got another "official" ruling from one of the
> "brain trust". I've got them to give an "official" ruling allowing two
> units of war dancers to permantly stop a unit from attacking through
> shadows coil, and a friend of mine got them to "officially" rule that
> wounds saved by armor still count for combat resolution (Fantasy
> questions, in both cases, and both entirely wrong.


Yeah, well I've said it before and I'll say it again: Games
Workshop is NOT a games company. It is a company which
produces miniatures and the games they produce are the hook
to generate sales of figures.

Some of GW's rules are quite good and I count E40K as one
of those examples, but I don't kid myself that GW has my
best interests as a gamer at heart. Thus we have the
ludicrous situation as described by Thane.

Depending on which numb-nuts answers the phone/letter,
you're going to get different rulings simply because there
is neither a coherent philosophy for GW games nor a
commitment to producing good games for their own sake.

For example, the "histories" which are painstakingly
created by a variety of GW serfs (in execrable prose which
makes Harold Robbins look like James Joyce) is regularly
completely revised and contradicted without even a pretence
that it was driven by anything other than expediency. I'm
the poor schmuck who finished a chaos army (Minotaurs and
Trolls?), a squat army and a knight army just in time for
the release of E40K. Well I've been playing since the
original Space Marine so I suppose I should know better.

What is really frustrating is that GW's behaviour is
self-defeating. I'm one of about three people in the city
of Auckland (pop 1m) who bought E40K because virtually all
the players at the 1997 New Zealand Nationals said they
would boycott it's release. Having bought Epic2 and the
half dozen supplements they were sick of being buggered
about (at considerable expense). Hearing (accurate) rumours
that half the armies at Nationals were going to be made
obsolete by E40K didn't endear the change to the

So now I have a good set of rules but virtually no
opponents unless I play Epic2 (and a right pig's ear GW
made of that set of rules. We had the LoB argument at the
97 Nationals).

And don't get me started on the standard of English at GW.
Suffice to say someone should give Andy and Jervis a copy
of Fowler's 'Modern English Usage' for Christmas!

Does anyone from GW read this list? I find a wealth of
sensible and legitimate comment and criticism on this list
but GW never act on the ideas posted here. If I owned a
multi-million dollar business and found out that a list
existed which did (nearly) nothing but discuss my products,
I'd sure as hell read it. You don't need an MBA to figure
that out!

Well, I'm knackered now. Its 8.10am, I've managed to get
myself into a lather before I've done a stroke of work and
half you lot are probably rolling your eyes and thinking
"oh oh, Richard's gone off the deep end again". I think
I'll go down to my local GW Shop and say "Ral Partha" to
the assistant :-)

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