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From: Michael <cmgoh_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 20:55:38 +0800

Just a few answers I got from Roolzboyz. Put whatever value you deem
fit -

1. what effect if any do eldar holofields (which save vs all hits
those inflicted in close combat) have vs close combat weapons which
"automatically inflicts catastrophic damage"?
===> What this is inteded to get across is that if you do, in fact, get
hit you take the cata. damage.

2. If a rampaging unit with a save loses close combat and is not
due to the combat results, does it get a save from being destroyed
because it is unable to retreat?
===> With the save ability it can still save.

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>3. Psychic attacks - can you use them on flyers?
>----------> Yes.
>4. Psychic attacks - if you use them on flyers, do you still have to
>roll to hit? do you still have to roll to destroy?
>---------> If it causes a hit it damages the flyer automatically.
>5. Psychic attacks - cause a hit on the target - do you have to roll vs
>-------------> No.

>6. Psychic attacks - would you get an Eldar holofield save vs this sort
>of attack?
>-------------> Yes.
> >
Michael Goh (Erax)
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