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From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 09:56:13 +1000 (EST)


People who whinge on about people playing with unpainted minitures REALY
annoy me. When EPIC 40k first came out I went to the local GW store with
my Titan collection (because they didn't have any) to try out the new
titan rules, now most of my titans are painted to a reasonable standard
but I had only just started on my Mega Gargants which had only a two
colour scheme. When I was playing against one of the staff, another staff
a_at_#hole says "hurry up that game ,those minitures aren't painted well
enough" I would have to say that I almost walked out right then. I will
never spend any money at that store. I think anybody just starting the
hobby would have given up and traded their copy of EPIC.

So all you idiots out there, painting, while a nice aspect of EPIC will
never replace the actual game. I will play anyone, and I don't care if
they have minitures of golden demon standard or straight out of the box.
New EPIC players are always welcome!


Rob L.
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