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From: Carl Woodrow <carl.woodrow_at_...>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 01:31:53 -0000

> >Plus, I think we are all way outside what their targeted market is;
16 year olds. Maybe we should ask for more scantily clad female
units, or =
how our acne has cleared up since playing E40K.


I don't know...*mus=
ing over this one*. The younger market is definately worth GW pursuing to g=
et them involved early on. However I am not convinced that it is their targ=
et market. You have to be somewhat older to have the kind of the disposable=
 income required to continue with this kind of hobby. I suspect GW are more=
 interested in the kind of customer who is prepared to buy several boxes of=
 troops and a few blister packs at a time (which I suspect a few on this li=
st do...I can't be the only one surely!) as opposed to several kids who can=
 only afford the odd boxed set or blister from time to time depending upon =
available funds etc...

It is like the PC games industry...their (well docu=
mented) target market is the 20-30 year old adult male who is both in work =
and has the disposable income to blow on leisure pursuits.

Mind you saying=
 that I do tend to see a lot more kids in the stores than adults...everytim=
e I pop in I keep getting mistaken for someones dad *doh!* have a go=
od point Thane, I'm just not convinced that's all (being a red blooded Capi=
talist and all) ;-)...I like the idea about the scantily clad females thoug=
h *wallop* Ow!...sorry dear! (Note to one's self...must get a smaller monit=
or or move the PC to somewhere private)


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