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I'm probably being very naughty for putting this on the list, but bare with
me as the following information are only rumours I have heard second hand.
I was told this by a friend who is working with an ex-GW employee who was an
'Eavy Metal painter for GWUK.

GW apparently has big plans for the 40K universe between now and the Year 2001.

Here's what I was told:

1. The Emperor dies. Abbadon (that nasty Chaos Lord from 40K) sneaks into
the throne room on Earth and destroys the Golden Throne and thus kills the

2. Many of the Primarchs return. The Imperium sees the return of the
following Primarchs: Leman Russ (Space Puppies), Lion El'Jonson (Dark
Angels), Sanguinius (Blood Angels, and I know he was supposed to be dead but
that is what I was told, his body was "lost" supposedly), Rogal Dorn (I know
he too was killed before the Emperor's very eyes, but this is GW we are
talking about), and the Primachs from the Ultramarines and the White Scars
(I can't remember their names). They all begin fighting over the throne.

3. The Imperium is split in a civil war over the throne. The Primarchs
begin to fight over the throne and the Imperium begins to slowly fall into
civil war. Sections succeed and the Primarchs all claim leadership of the
Imperium as it stands.

4. The Dark Eldar and Space Skaven WILL be created apparently. My source
wasn't too clear on this. There was also talk of bringing the Slann in too.

5. The Squats die as a race. I'm sorry to all of the Squat players out
there, but this was what I was told. Whether or not it is true I don't
know. But they all destroy themselves in a similar way to he fall of the
Eldar and create a new Chaos God in the process. Personally I think this
would really suck if it is true.

I stress again that these were rumours only and that I in no way say they
are facts. The source of these rumours did work at GWUK as a painter and
scenery maker and had close contact to Andy and the sculptors apparently.
My apologies to GW if these _are_ merely malicious rumours. No apologies if
they are true.
And we all know how closely they want to link 40K and Epic, so here's hoping
that most of these were merely unfounded rumours.


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