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Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:54:49 -0000

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> T'oma, why cant you view PDF's? The viewer is freely available, what
>the problem?
> Peter

well, I asked you not to ask, but...

< coughs sheepishly >

I am a Mac user, and am running system 9.0 due to processor
limitations on my existing quaintly antiquated machine. My ATM init
has become corrupt, thus disabling the translation protocol involved
in reading PDF's. Adobe has apparently given up supporting Acrobat
Reader 6.0.1 in favor of blanket coverage pushing 7.0 for OSX. I have
been unable to find either a mirror site or my original Adobe Program
disks to reload my Suite of applications and thus re-write the corrupt

(phew! too much tech-talk makes me thirsty!
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